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Connor is being interviewed by bar manager Jack, who wants to know about Connor's customer service skills. Connor shows Jack what service he knows best which is swallowing huge uncut cocks with both his talented mouth and twitching hole. You're Hired!

Kai & Ivo are throwing back a few beers and exchanging kisses when Kai decides he wants more and doesn't care who's watching. Soon their clothes are off and the patrons in the bar are getting a show of a lifetime. As the customers watch and stroke their cocks, one patron walks over to blow his load all over Ivo's face. It just gets hotter from there, as Ivo shoves his nine raw inches deep inside Kai's willing bubble ass.

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Matthew trains Ivo on his first night of work behind the bar. No teasing here, these two bartenders suck and fuck each other until their cocks shoot like rockets. Bartender Jay leaves work early and goes home and gets his boyfriend Martin off. Martin literally fucks the cum right out of Jay as he long-dicks Jay's hungry hole leaving him screaming for more.

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Bare Bottoms Up In London