This film has been released on Cazzo's Prick label which specialises in boy-next-door types. All 10 'boys' are in their early to mid-twenties with slim, taught bodies and mainly with large uncut cocks, and I wish any one of them lived next door to me! All the cast members are named but unfortunately not identified but I have done my best to put names to the most well known faces. The busiest performers are Marc Amon, Franco Potente and Joel Morand. The sex starts 200 feet above the ground on the observation platform of Berlin's Victory Column. Two young tourists, Franco and Leonardo, are discovered in an embrace by Marc. Before long Leonardo is on his knees sucking 2 heavy, thick uncut cocks. When they are interrupted by another tourist they continue indoors at Marc's apartment. Everyone has an equal role sucking someone else's cock until all 3 spray their loads. But that's not the end of it, and I defy anyone not to get hard and wet by the sight of blond Franco, on his back with his legs held apart by his mate Leonardo, so that Marc can lick, rim and probe his most delectable smooth shaved arsehole. Leonardo also rims him before they both slowly fuck him. Elsewhere Swiss porn star Joel Morand is having fun with blond Robert. They suck and wank each other off to their first climax but the highlight of the scene is Morand rimming Robert's shaved hole. Robert squirms in ecstasy and then squats over Joel's big dick with his own long, hard uncut cock bouncing about. Franco and Joel get hijacked by 2 horny guys in the shower for an all-oral scene. Marc returns and discovers a dark haired stud pretending to be asleep. He peels down the guy's tight white briefs. Before too long Marc shoots his first big load over the guy's face and then licks it off. He later sprays a second load over the guy's ass after rimming and fucking it. There are 2 more scenes - the final one has a cute boy with very short ginger blond hair taking Leonardo's long cock up his shaved muscle hole. The film ends with 9 of the cast on one bed, getting drunk with sparkling wine and when it looks as if an orgy might start, the titles roll up. Whilst the final minute may be disappointing, the previous 99 are absolutely superb.

Frisch Fleisch