Next Door Raw is proud to present Work Hard Play RAW - Wesley and his previous boyfriend have used a handyman, Markie More, for quite some time. Markie's clothes are a bit damp from the drizzle, so Wesley throws his overalls into the dryer. Markie falls to his knees, taking his employer's cock in his mouth. Under the hot sun, poolboy Jake Davis does his job, and Dante Martin brings him a pitcher of lemonade. Jake tells him that his girl is really boring in the bedroom, and is just looking for a fuck buddy that he already knows. Smiling, Dante places his hand on Jake's knee, and Jake realizes he's been dropping hints unknowingly. Installing security systems isn't the most exciting job, but Jack Hunter enjoys a perk or two. Take his install at the Hyde residence, where Damien Hyde makes it obvious that he intends to give Jack an extra tip for his service. With a team of movers helping to load up his father's trailer, it's a feast of eye candy for Brandon Moore, but it's the new guy, Lance Taylor, that catches his eye. So when Lance is asked to load out back alone for a few hours, Brandon seizes upon the opportunity, and unzips Lance's cover-alls down to his cock, taking it all the way down his throat.

Next Door Studios Work Hard Play Raw